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What's put on this HP "Writer information" "writing work request information" is a part of the existing information at present.
From the information that we have, we translate it after it's beeing selected carefully and placed a part of each.
Please feel free to contact us for more update information or details.

Automatic translation
Because I adopt an automatic translation in some or all, please understand that it may not be translated accurately.

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Writing request formWriting request form

Company name

name (essential)

mail address (essential)

Contact phone number

The country where your company is located

The country which is targeted for writing ※ Multiple answers allowed

The number of articles to write

Writing contents

Linked URL you like to use

Do you need a quote?
 Yes No

Inquiry, question, consultation, opinion

>>The writing request flow is this

Writer application form
Writer application form

name (essential)

mail address (essential)

age (essential)

sex (essential)
 male female

home country

active area or present area or residing area

Writable media type

 blog Twitter Weibou Facebook Youtube Instagram other

The number of access

Number of followers or Readers

Your Blog URL

Your Social media URL

Your Other media URL

Self-PR comment

Hope receipt method of the reward desired
 Wire transfer Paypal amazon Gift coupon bitcoin Others

>>The flows from writer registration to a reward receipt are this
>>The writer registration agreement is this

pick up Writing request1
pick up Writing request


Looking for writers who can post on Facebook or who can blog in Malay!

■client information■
Japanese food maker

■What to do & what to write■
Try their food and post you impression or opinion.

■application deadline■
March 25, 2016

■What you must do■
update weekly

$ 12 ~ (US$)
※ Changed by the number of access of published media

We will pick the writer offer screening each applicans.
I send out a product to the chosen applicans by mail afterwards.
Please send us your impression of the product.
Please inform us your URL after you post.
We’ll send you the reward after confirming your URL.


pick up Writing request2
pick up Writing request


You will try as for appointed restaurant in Vietnam and post you impression in English.

■client information■
Vietnamese restaurant

■request contents■
You will try as for appointed restaurant in Vietnam and post you impression in English.

■application deadline■
April 13, 2016

■application condition■
Resident in Vietnam; one from 20 years old to 40 years old

$ 10 ~ (US$)
※ Changed by the number of access of published media

I will decide an adopter after examination after application is accepted.
Once we check the URL, we’ll pay you.


Writing experiences1
Writing experiences


Try on online game and post my inpression on it !

I had tried an onlinegame and my impression was up loaded on my blog and Facebook.
It was fun to do it and I even got paid for it.
I subscribed for the game to continue to play afterward.


pick up introduction of writer1
pick up introduction of writer


I send out from the United States!

A nickname : bobbywood

Age : in his 30s

An occupation : IT engineer

Nationality : The United States

The medium which I can post : Facebook Linktin Twitter

■PR comment■
I put out my information three times a week. I love Japan very much.


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