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《Writer》Is the registration of the writer free?

Yes, it does not cost for the registration of the writer.

《Writer》Is the medium to write appointed?

It depends on oun client’s request.
You can list up medium that you may use to post first and we’ll ask the right writer for each case.

《Writer》Can any one from any country or race register?

Yes, we recruits the writers of all the countries of the world.
After registration, please wait for our email as laing for you writing to be arrived.

《Writer》How the reward to be arrived?

Like bank transfer or a bit coin, the means of payment are different by a country of the transfer.
Specifically, please ask our staff.

《Sponsor》Is there the designation of the language to perform writing?

Writers who can use various languages are registered, please inform us languages you can write.
We will advise you a language spreading in a target attribute.

《Sponsor》Is there the limit in the country to ask for writing?

There is no limitation.
All sorts of writers are registered, so please tell us about a country where you want to write to.

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It is a word-of-mouth communication forum a hot topic!

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