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What is the writer Web?Writer-web

The writer of all the countries of the world registers, and it is with a dispatch source, and writers of the world are the help of a company and the service that I want to spread word of mouth and a topic all over the world and the services that it is by utilizing blog, a micro-blog, the social media that each writer runs as the media.

Strength of Writer-Web

1. The world is dotted with the registered writers.

2. The marketing campaign that it is local, and came is possible.

3. Because a writer of the country that recognized a characteristic and a habit of the country, fashion, topicality becomes
the dispatch source, it is easy to spread, and it is easy to be in a topic

4. Because it is the user-led media, it possesses high reliability.

5. Because I back up the connection of the network between the writers of each country, a topic is easy to spread out between writers.

6. I can perform marketing campaign with very cheap cost in comparison with the mass media.

Writer introduction e-mail magazine registration

It is a recent forum a hot topic!

It is a word-of-mouth communication forum a hot topic!

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